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Would you like to be healthy and vital again? Be emotionally balanced? Become Stress Resilient? Get to the heart of your performance? Sustainably improve your sleep quality? Fully experience your life again?

education-group Courses & Further Education

As a user or therapist, are you looking for neuroscientific solutions and therapies in the exciting and important field of neurofeeback and biofeedback? Then you can find more information here.


Do you need a bio / neurofeedback system for your clinic, practice, company, research or for home use? Here you will receive professional advice.

The Institute for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback is a renowned treatment and training center in Switzerland

Training Center

The institute's training center carries out health insurance-approved diploma and advanced training courses for therapists: The training concept includes: biofeedback, neurofeedback, stress profile, QEEG - quantitative electroencephalogram, brain wave analysis, brain analysis, device-specific workshops, psychology, clinical practice, pharmacology, psychopathology, treatment of stress-related diseases (mental, psychological, metabolic, sensory, immunological, physical and chemical / physical) and performance optimization.

Treatment Center

The institute's treatment center offers a therapy concept that brings patients back into an energetic, healthy and vital physical state. The patients should be emotionally balanced and stress-resilient again. You should be able to fully perceive your life again and be able to bring your performance back to the point. Furthermore, they should improve the quality of your sleep over the long term.


Advice & System Sales

The employees of the institute advise you on the application and purchase of a bio-neurofeedback system for your clinic, practice, company, research or for home use.

The partner company of the institute, BioNeuroTec GmbH, is an official Swiss reseller of NeXus systems and provides you with all NeXus products, consumables for your practice as well as support for hardware and software questions.

Our Expertise


Neurofeedback is a new, scientifically recognized variant of biofeedback therapies for the individual optimization of brain activity and functionality of the brain. Neurofeedback is an interactive computer-aided brain performance training in which you become more efficient and resilient and protects you from the negative effects of stress.

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Biofeedback is a modern, scientifically recognized, highly effective and non-invasive treatment method for making visible and providing feedback (feedback) to normally unconscious body functions and brain activities that are important for recovery, well-being and performance.

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tech Photobiomodulation

Photobiomodulation is a regulation therapy. By exposure to light the metabolism of the cells is affected. In the cell are different biochemical Activated processes that serve to ward off the disease and, as a result, to heal.

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In addition to optimal learning conditions, you can expect an internationally recognized team of lecturers with academic specialization in the respective subject area. The I-NFBF lecturers are either professional university professors, researchers, or have an academic background. They are familiar with all types of bio- and neurofeedback and also work in their own NF / BF practice. They accompanied the course participants comprehensively, with commitment, and prepared them step by step for the exams, dealing with patients and running their own NF / BF practice.

About us

At the I-NFBF, the focus is on the well-being of the patient and the learning success of the students! Patients can expect reliable, sustainable and individualized treatment by highly qualified specialists and top medical technology.

Your therapy needs and progress will be made objectively visible and your personal responsibility and motivation will be promoted in a targeted manner.

The I-NFBF offers students compliant training and further education at the highest level. The I-NFBF relies exclusively on committed and well-proven lecturers with many years of practical experience, practical part-time lessons with transparent learning goals, friendly course rooms and optimal class sizes that guarantee personal support and flexible supervision.

Leading medically certified treatment systems

The institute works exclusively with medically certified devices in accordance with international standards Norms and rules. The institute has the largest portfolio of neuro- and biofeedback- Devices for treatment and educational purposes in Switzerland.


Accredited institute (ASCA accredited & EMR-compliant)

The institute trains its students according to the guidelines of the complementary ASCA and EMR health insurance associations.

First class lecturers and therapists

At the institute, only selected employees treat and teach with outstanding Certificates of achievement.

What Our Clients Say!

My motivation to work as a neurofeedback therapist in the future has steadily increased during the diploma course, in particular intriguing are the various modules with numerous speakers, the many good discussions, as well as the positive atmosphere in the course and the workshops.

I have been working as a neurofeedback / EEG biofeedback therapist for some time and am very satisfied with the extensive knowledge that I received in the institute's training course.

I feel very comfortable in my work as a neurofeedback therapist and I am happy about the good results that I can achieve with my clients.

I decided in particular for the diploma course at the i-nfbf because the system-wide training program of the i-nfbf, which goes beyond the offers of other system-specific training centers, convinced me.

I will set up my own neurofeedback / EEG biofeedback practice immediately after completing the course and after receiving the diploma. As a psychologist, I have experienced with clients what neurofeedback can do and decided to offer this training as soon as possible.

Course Participant

Course Participant

Course Participant

Course Participant

Course Participant

Course Participant

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