Your Education Center to become a Swiss certified Bio- and Neurofeedback Therapist

The renowned Professional Training Center of the Institute for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback (I-NFBF) has educated numerous students in its one-year diploma program, year by year since the beginning of this century. On top the I-NFBF Professional Training Center instructed many therapists in weekend training courses and workshops to excel their skills in applied bio- and neurofeedback. The neuro/biofeedback education programs at the I-NFBF Professional Training Center fulfill the regulations of the Swiss health insurance guidelines. Thus, the programs are recognized by the Swiss Asca Foundation and BBNS, as well as by the Swiss Experience Medical Register (EMR). The highly-qualified lecturers - many trained Ph.D.s - of the I-NFBF guarantee a scientifically high-standing education level in theory and practice in neuro/biofeedback.

The I-NFBF Professional Training Center offers students to learn applied neuro- and biofeedback on the following computer aided appliances (NF/BF Systems):

  • BioExplorer
  • BioGraph Infinity
  • BioTrace + software with NeXus 4/10/16/32
  • Cygnet
  • NeurOptimal™
  • Hemoencephalography (\"HEG\") on various neuro and biofeedback systems

The I-NFBF Professional Training Center is the only education center worldwide that offers training on such a broad variety of medically certified appliances (NF/BF Systems). New Systems are continuously added to the course program.

Early on in the one-year Swiss Diploma program, students choose their preferred appliance to take advantage in class and execute practically their gained knowledge in praxis under the supervision of the instructors.

Another advantage of the Swiss Diploma curriculum is the practical guidance and early on practical interaction of the therapist with patients.

Courses at the I-NFBF Professional Training Center offer insight into latest research in the field of neuro/biofeedback as well as neurosciences (brain research, neurobiology, neuropsychology, medicine). The I-NFBF Professional Training Center chooses carefully from these latest research findings and implements them in the curriculum on an ongoing basis.

Furthermore, the I-NFBF Professional Training Center instructs advanced and experienced therapists individually to serve their needs of specific therapeutic neuro/biofeedback themes in a very concise and efficient approach.

The goal and guiding principle of the I-NFBF Professional Training Center in all of its programs is to provide prospective and trained therapists with a very well-founded education so that they are succesfully able to apply their gained knowledgetheir own neuro/biofeedback practice, therapy center, or even shared medical center.