Analysis Methods

Methods used for Analysis

During your first consultation at the Mind&Body Performance Center of the Institute for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback (I-NFBF) we will explain to you the different analysis and therapies available. Based on your anamnesis you will be examined and treated with different medically certified, safe and proven neuro and biofeedback devices to explore and treat the neurobiological causes of your symptoms, as well as to improve your mental and physical performance.

The I-NFBF Mind&Body Performance Center uses additional integrative therapies to revitalize the metabolism of neuronal cells (biophotomodulation and cellular oxygenation). These integrative treatment protocols are based on a combination of biofeedback, transcranial neurofeedback, database-assisted neurofeedback, as well as other non-invasive cellular biophysical and biological methods such as biophotomodulation and cellular oxygenation. This integrative approach has been shown to lead to even faster and more lasting therapeutic success.