Training Locations

Locations of Educational Programs of the Professional Training Center of the Institute for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback

For the courses in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, the training facilities are located right next to Zurich central train station located in the adjacent Walhalla Hotel:


Hotel Walhalla, Limmatstrasse 5, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland

More information at: http://www.walhalla-hotel.ch/standort/

For French speaking part of Switzerland the courses take place centrally at Lake Geneva in the training center \"Grand Villard\" in Blonay:


Grand Villard, Route de Vevey 100, 1807 Blonay, Switzerland

The I-NFBF Professional Training Center is located opposite the Mottex clinic and the Rive-Neuve Clinic in Blonay.