Training Institute

The Institute for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Professional Training Centers in Switzerland

  • Would you like to learn a novel, neuroscientifically recognized and highly effective therapy?
  • Would you like to implement the latest neuroscientific findings specifically in training, therapy or research in order to efficiently and sustainably treat the disorders and dysfunctions of your patients?
  • Or do you want to improve your clients' neuroplasticity, mental performance, executive functions, and stress resilience?
  • Are you already working in the medical, psychological or educational field?
  • Would you like to set up a neuro and / or biofeedback department in your clinic or practice?
  • Are you already active in neuro or biofeedback and would like to be brought up to the latest state of science and technology?

Then join the Institute for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback (I-NFBF) Professional Training Center! Learn in our well-founded neuro and biofeedback diploma program and our professional training workshops, the combined use of neuro- and biofeedback in clinically proven settings on medically certified devices by the best-qualified, experienced lecturers.

The vision and principle of the I-NFBF Professional Training Center is to train prospective therapists to highest educational level and to help them to set up or expand their own practice, or even to set up a clinical neuro- and / or biofeedback department within an existing medical infrastructure.

Furthermore, the I-NFBF Professional Training Center supports advanced and experienced therapists to keep their knowledge up to date and to exchange ideas with other competent international experts from Europe and the Americas.

The I-NFBF Professional Training Center is the only training institute in the world for neuro and biofeedback with complementary health insurance recognition, which trains on various leading neuro and biofeedback devices in German, English, and French.

The interest in and demand for bio and neurofeedback therapies are strongly rising in medicine, psychology as well as in sports and coaching.

Since the year 2004 the renowned I-NFBF Professional Training Center offers comprehensive Professional Neuro- and Biofeedback Certificate Programs and Workshops in English, French and German in compliance with regulations of Swiss Natural Medicine Health Insurance Companies on state of the art neuro- and biofeedback systems for therapists with a medical, psychological or educational background or HR professionals.

The Professional Training Program covers hands-on training on different leading edge Neuro- and Biofeedback equipment (NeXus-BioTrace+ / Biograph Infinity / MITSAR / Cygnet / Zengar NeurOptimal / Neuroguide 3D LORETA Z-Score). The participants can experience every system and then select their preferred system for their own practice.

Furthermore, the I-NFBF Professional Training Center organizes one-day-courses to teach therapists how to use the electrotherapy Alpha Stim device to effectively treat stress and pain related symptoms of their patients.

The aim is to familiarize all students of the I-NFBF Professional Training Center with many different advanced approaches and state of the art systems during the first trimester of the one-year program. Based on this experience students evaluate and chose their prefered system and then which they will continue to use for their own practice.

The professional training courses take place in Zürich and Blonay in English, French or German.

The I-NFBF Professional Training Center is spoiled by growing demand for education services in neurofeedback and biofeedback because:

  • a growing number of studies demonstrating the effectiveness of these methods in various disorders,
  • a growing general trend with modern biophysical methods to relieve physical and neurological dysfunctionalities and disorders,
  • "as well as, neurological disorders in the population are continuously increasing. According to recent scientific research from renowned universities, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), U.S.A., neurological findings such as memory loss, hyperactivity, attention deficit, multiple sclerosis, autism, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease are increasing exponentially in the population.
    This is how the very renown senior scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) predicts that by 2025 50% of all newborns with will be born with neurological problems such as ADHD or Autism.
    Thus, as a prospective therapist in neuro and biofeedback, you enter an exciting and significant therapeutic field and can offer your patients and clients latest state of the art neuroscientific sound solutions and effective therapies."

"For more information please contact Dr. oec. Eva Otzen of the I-NFBF Professional Training Center at [email protected] or +41-78-7 141415."