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Invitation to the Brain & Body Medicine Conference 2023 in Switzerland

Feb 21, 2023 | Eva Otzen

Join us and discover innovative and cutting-edge treatments at the BRAIN & BODY MEDICINE CONFERENCE 2023
instructed by internationally renowned and trusted experts sharing their state of the art treatment protocols and research findings to become and stay healthy.
Venue: from the 16th to the 18th of June 2023 in Montreux / Vevey, Switzerland

Why you should sign up for this conference:
➢ This may be the most important conference you can attend to solve the chronic health and aging puzzle!
➢ Inspiring presentations by the world’s TOP experts in the field of Brain & Body Medicine
➢ Experience breakthrough protocols and practical applications of combined brain & body treatments and others
➢ Learn about invaluable synergistic orthomolecular, ozone, manual therapy, and neuromodulatory treatments
➢ Networking opportunities: Meet the presenters and collegues during lunches and social evening activites
➢ Conference location is the heart of Europe in the most beautiful area of Switzerland

For physicians, therapists, students, health care professionals & practitioners, athletes, anti-aging clients, and peak performers who want to stay healthy or who are seeking solutions for chronically ill patients whose healing process has stalled.
• You will learn how TOP medical doctors incoorporate cutting-edge scientific protocols in networked regenerative medicine and neuroscience to prevent and reverse chronic disease, optimize brain & body health and performance.
• The conference will help answer questions such as: What is preventing my body from healing? Why is my biological aging progressing so quickly? How can I extend my healthspan and increase my overall productivity and performance?


Our concept of Brain & Body Medicine under the direction of Dr. Frank Shallenberger (MD) (U.S.A.), Dr. oec. Eva Otzen (CH), Dr. Thomas E. Levy (MD) (U.S.A.), D. N. Fabrice Leu (CH), and Barry Bruder (U.S.A.) is unique in terms of its integrative combination of methods and differentiated protocols, because it takes equal account of the core biological systems of the body and the brain. This knowledge of these complex and dynamically interacting physical and neurobiological networks down to the mitochondrial level forms the basis for effective treatments even in the most difficult cases.
Join us for this one time gathering of the brightest minds in Functional Medicine. Experience the expert presenters in their field of Orthomolecular Medicine, Oxygen/Ozone Therapy and Neuromodulation. Hear of their most recent research and protocols on the pristine Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity as seating is very limited and the conference is near its capacity.
We show comprehensive diagnostic and treatment methods for both chronically ill and healthy people to restore, maintain and enhance brain and body performance. Our health-giving treatment protocols integrate both pharmaceutical, non-pharmacological & natural modalities, to ensure the best results.
The human body is designed to heal itself. It is prevented from doing that either when it is impeded by physical and mental blocks and/or it is not getting what it needs. When these blocks are removed and the body is provided all that it needs, healing can occur.

Register SOON to guarantee your participation at the Brain & Body Medicine Conference:
The conference will take place from June 16th to 18th, 2023 in Montreux / Switzerland.

✓ Registration rates for the conference include on-site conference participation, coffee breaks and daily three course lunches at a modern and beautiful setting.
✓ The number of participants is limited to a small group of only 135 participants!
✓ Make sure to register asap before seats run out by email: [email protected]
✓ The International Brain & Body Medicine Conference is held in English language (translation into German or French are provided upon request)
Registration options:
□ 3-Day Conference: CHF 1280.-/ participant
□ 2-Day Conference: CHF 980,-/ participant
□ 1-Day Conference: CHF 640,-/ participant
□ hands-on evening workshop & dinner buffet with champaign1 on 16th of June: extra CHF 150,-
□ hands-on evening workshop & dinner buffet with champaign1 on 17th of June: extra CHF 150,-
□ Micro-Current-Neurofeedback-Treatment by Barry Bruder: CHF 100,-/ session
□ Translation service into German or French: on request

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