Cost / Approval

Diploma one-year Program - Fees and Admission

The total fee of the one-year diploma program at the Professional Training Center of the Institute for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback is CHF 8800.-. CHF 800 of this amount is the admission and registration fee. The remaining CHF 8,000 isthe tuition fee. There are no hidden costs on education on top. This fee is for the complete one-year Diploma course.

This fee includes all course modules, detailed seminar documents, snacks, the diploma examination, the certificate, supervision, workshops, internships and the repetition.

Payment terms in detail: A registration fee of CHF 800.- is due upon receipt of the program admission confirmation. On top the tuition fee of CHF8000.- is due latest one month before the program starts. In case you cancel within the last 3 weeks before the start of the program, the total registration fee and half the tuition fee will be forfeited. If you cancel your registration within the course, the entire tuition and course fee will be forfeited. In principle, program fees cannot be reimbursed due to missed lessons.

Once the registration fee and tuition fee is paid in full you are admitted to the program.