Our Philosophy

The Philosophy and Therapy Goals

The therapy concept of the Mind&Body Performance Center of the Institute for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback (I-NFBF) aims to bring patients back into an energetic, healthy and vital physical state. The patients become emotionally balanced and stress-resilient again. You as a patient will be able to fully perceive your life again and get back your performance to the point. Furthermore, you will sustainably improve your sleep quality.

The I-NFBF Mind&Body Performance Center developed over more than a decade a concise, dynamic, measurable, and individualized treatment plan to achieve key therapy goals. In an initial consultation, you will be introduced into our analysis tools and the applied forms of therapy in neuro- and biofeedback, potentially supported by cell-vitalizing measures. All of following four key therapy goals correspond with the I-NFBF philosophy for your treatment.

Energetic, vital and healthy

Bio- and neurofeedback improve physical and mental performance, promote restful sleep, strengthen the immune system, improve appearance and shorten regeneration times. The release of mood-enhancing messenger substances in the brain and the stabilization of the nervous system support the holistic balance and initiate an energy transition in body and mind.

From fidgety to concentration champion

Bio and neurofeedback significantly increase concentration and attention. We can help you with our brain performance training to reduce significantly learning blocks, exam fears and learning and language difficulties (e.g. dyslexia, dyslexia, dyscalculia). As well, we can strongly enhance your learning motivation, reduce hyperactivity and impulse control (tantrums, aggressiveness, opposition behavior). Our applied treatment is a gentle, efficient and scientifically proven method avoiding medication with side effects. You will enjoy this highly rewarding computer-based learning method in which you will learn in a playful way to control your brain activities and other physiological body parameters adapted to many different situations.

Perceive life fully again

With bio and neurofeedback, you can overcome fears, exhaustion, pain, depression, mood lows, and depression. Scientific studies prove the effectiveness of these efficient complementary methods to conventional medicine for more stress resilience, vitality, energy and emotional strength.

Neurofeedback and biofeedback are versatile

Start directly at the cause: compensate for imbalances directly in the brain, the highest-level brain-body control center. Bio and neurofeedback are a kind of workout training for the brain. It is effective, versatile and helps adults and children, e.g. for poor concentration (ADD / ADHD), burnout / exhaustion and depression, sleep disorders, migraines but also for maintaining professional performance and for maintaining memory and mental agility into old age. In each session, you will learn more and more to either relax, concentrate, or wake up and your mind becomes clear and consciously feels feedback of your body signals.