Peak Performance & Anti Aging

Peak Performance and Cell Metabolism

Our philosophy in peak performance:

The Institute for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback offers personalized PEAK HEALTH & PERFORMANCE training based on the latest neuroscientific findings implemented in adapted bio- and neurofeedback training tools combined with metabolic therapies:

Renowned international sports coaches in research and applied science show that mental resilience and stress resilience are key competencies of top performers in work and sports needed to protect their brain and central nervous system against stress, anxiety, and exhaustion. Our PEAK HEALTH & PERFORMANCE training includes special bio and neurofeedback protocols for neuromodulation and classic neurofeedback, meditation and deep relaxation sessions, optional ozone therapy and an adapted coaching technique to improve general mental / psychological resilience. The peak performance improvements can be determined quantitatively using measurement methods of neurofeedback and metabolism measurement before and at the end of therapy.